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How do I add or edit products.
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Add/Edit Products

The Products List groups all of the products in your Loaded 7 store together in a manageable list. From here you can addeditcopy and delete product entries. Below are steps to help you with all four actions.


Adding a new product is a necessary, fundamental action of Loaded 7. In this guide, we will show you how to do so. First, you will have to select Products, either in the Quick Navigation Bar along the left side of the Dashboard, or from within the green Admin User Panel in the lower right of the Dashboard.


Once you are in the Products List section, follow these steps to add a new product. 

  1. Select the Add New Product button, as in Figure 1.

  2. You will see the New Product page, as in Figure 2.


Figure 1 - Products List Page

Figure 1 – Products List Page

Figure 2 - Add New Product Page

Figure 2 – Add New Product Page

As you can see, there are 7 tabs, each needing certain information for each product that you add. Those tabs, as seen in Figure 3, are:

  • Content – name, description, permalink, and meta tags for the product.

  • Images – an image up-loader for the product in question.

  • Data – listing information on the product.

  • Options – allows for variations of a product.

  • Pricing – set up the price information of the product.

  • Shipping – setting up the shipping account information for each.

  • Relationships – determining which categories the product will be available.


Figure 3 - New Products Tabs

Figure 3 – New Products Tabs


In Content, enter the name, description, permalink and meta tags for your product, as in Figure 4. Examples to explain each item:

  • Name – the brand name of the product, as in iPod Nano.

  • Description – the information that describes what the product is.

  • Permalink – this is a keyword unique to the product within your store database.

  • Tags – individual words that search engines use to list and find your product through the internet.

  • When you click the Select button, Loaded 7 will open your file manager allowing you to select the image you wish to use.

  • You can select and upload multiple images.

  • Depending on your screen size and resolution, you may have to scroll down slightly to add in the base price and decide whether the product is active or inactive.


Figure 4 - New Product Content

Figure 4 – New Product Content


To add Product Data, select the Data tab. You will see this page, as in Figure 5. Here you will enter information into the following fields:


  • Model – the manufacturer’s model number for the product.

  • MSRP – manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

  • Inventory Control – allows you to choose between adding a simple product with no variants or a multi-SKU product with variants.

  • Tax Settings – to set the tax group that the product is in, and the base price with tax.

  • Management Settings – an unsupported feature of Loaded 7.


Figure 5 - New Product Data

Figure 5 – New Product Data



If the single product that you are entering has options, this is where that information can be entered. Follow Figure 6 as an example.


Before you can add a product option you have a to have already set up an option group. See Option Manager (below) to set up an option group.

If you have one or more option groups set up, you can assign the new product that you are adding to one of the the option groups in this tab. In the Simple Options part of Figure 6, you would see the option groups that you added and would be able to choose one for the product at this point.

Figure 6 - New Product Options

Figure 6 – New Product Options


The Pricing tab lets you select the base price and determine other factors that might affect the price at different times or under certain conditions. See Figure 7 for an example of the Pricing tab.

To set up the correct pricing:


  1. Base Price – Enter the base price of the product.

  2. Group Price – If the price of the product is changed for being in a group,

    1. Enter the group price here.

    2. Select the Disabled button to enable group pricing for this product.

    3. The Group Pricing options panel will open

      1. Turn on or off the Retail and Wholesale pricing options.

      2. Select the price that you want for either, as needed.

  3. Quantity Break Price – available in B2B version.


Figure 7 - Pricing Tab

Figure 7 – Pricing Tab



In this tab, Loaded 7 needs only a few characteristics about your product.

  • Weight – the numerical value

  • Weight Class – the unit type.

Supplier Characteristics are not supported in the CORE download.

Figure 1 - Shipping

Figure 8 – Shipping Tab


This section lets you select which product category the product will be available in within your store. You can manage product categories inContent.

After you have chosen the category(s) that your product should be in, select Save to confirm your add.
Figure 1 - Relationships

Figure 9 – Relationships Tab

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