How do I use the Branding Manager and what does it do?
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Branding Manager

The Branding Manager of Loaded 7 manages certain areas and information of your store that the public will have access to.  These areas can be customized as needed to provide information easily and according to your choice in design.  The areas affected are your-

  • Store’s Home Page

  • Store pages Header

  • Company Information

  • SEO options

  • Social Links

  • store pages Footer

In this guide we will explain how to set these areas up.

Home Page

To manage the information presented in your store’s homepage, add or edit any information in this tab as in figure 1. 

You can either type in the code for you homepage or cut and paste it into area 12, in figure one.  Here is an explanation of the formatting options.

  1. Select the paragraph format.

  2. Select the text font.

  3. Select the text size.

  4. Choose an necessary text accenting.

  5. Choose the text or background color.

  6. Choose any necessary page formatting.

  7. Add any necessary links.

  8. Select page graphics.

  9. Use cut, copy, paste tools.

  10. To refer to source document(s).

  11. To maximize.

  12. Insert text or HTML code.

  13. To save your information and continue.


figure 1 – marketing branding manager home page


figure 1 – marketing branding manager home page





In the Header tab of the Branding Manager you can upload your catalog logo image, choose your site name, site slogan and live chat code, as in figure 2.


figure 2 marketing branding manager header


To set up your Header information-

  1. Upload the catalog logo image.

  2. Enter your store name.

  3. Enter your store’s slogan.

  4. Enter your live chat code.

  5. To save your information and continue.

Company Information


The Company Information tab lets you input your company’s physical address and contact information for display in your store as in figure 3.


figure 3 marketing branding manager company information


To set up your Company Information-

  1. The company’s physical address.

  2. The direct phone number of your support department.

  3. The email address of your support department.

  4. The direct phone number of your sales department.

  5. The email address of your sales department.

  6. To save your information and continue.



What is SEO? SEO is an acronym meaning ‘Search Engine Optimization.’ It is the process of getting ranked correctly within ‘go to’ lists that search engines constantly maintain to produce answers when potential customers search for a product that your store might sell.  Getting on the list is one thing, getting ranked correctly is crucial to having a steady visitor stream to your store.


The SEO section of the Marketing department of Loaded 7 is designed to assist in making your store as attractive as possible to search engines.  Following the setup steps in this section will set your store up, allowing it to be visible and ranked correctly.


figure 4 marketing branding manager seo

  1. Upload your open graph thumbnail for social media sites.

  2. Enter your site meta description.  Meta descriptions provide concise explanations of the contents of web pages.  Meta descriptions are commonly used by search engines to rank web pages on SERP’s or Search Engine Result Pages.

  3. Enter your site meta keywords.  Meta keywords are descriptive words related to your site or store and its products that help search engines locate and categorize your site.

  4. Enter your home page meta title.  Search engines look at meta titles to determine what category your site falls into.

  5. Enter your site meta title prefix.

  6. Enter your site meta title suffix.

  7. Enter your site meta title delimiter.

  8. To save your information.


Social Links


The Social Links tab is where you would enter all of the store social media account URLs that your store is linked to, as in figure 5.


figure 5 marketing branding manager social links


To set up your store’s Social Links area follow these steps-

  1. Enter your Facebook URL.

  2. Enter your Twitter URL

  3. Enter your Pinterest URL.

  4. Enter your Google+ URL.

  5. Enter your YouTube URL.

  6. Enter your LinkedIn URL.

  7. Save your information.



The Footer section lets you manage what information will be viewable in the footer section of each page.  Simply enter the text into the box as needed and select Save.  This can include regular text or HTML.
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