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Upgrading to Loaded 7
Posted by on 03 March 2014 07:01 PM

Loaded Commerce V6.X to Version 7 Upgrade Guide


Loaded 7 requires the following:
1. PHP version 5.3+
2. IonCube loader 4.4.1 or higher.
If your server does not meet these requirements, the upgrade will not be successful. Please check with your hosting provider to verify and update if required.
Always make sure to back up your existing installation.
Download Loaded 7 to your computer


Once Loaded Commerce 7 has been downloaded to your computer, it must be extracted. The catalog files must be uploaded to a to a subfolder (for example "new") of your existing installation. This can be achieved on most FTP clients by simply dragging the contents of the catalog folder from your local file browser pane to the remote pane listing the files on your web server. You can also upload the zipped catalog folder and unzip it on the server.
You must setup a new database prior to running the upgrade.
A database on the database server needs to exist for the upgrade procedure to be able to successfully import the database table structure and required data settings.

A table name prefix can be provided during the installation procedure if an already existing database is to be used. Using a unique table name prefix will prevent conflicts with existing tables in the database.
Once these steps are completed, you can now upgrade your store.

Upgrading your store (Step 1)

To initiate the upgrade process, you will type in the URL/Web address of the Loaded 7 Catalog file. For example:

You will be presented with the following screen:


You must ensure that all server checks are passed. If you get a red X on any item, please ensure your server meets the minimum requirements and that all required folders and files are writeable.

Step 2:

The next screen will prompt you to verify the installation path of your existing store. Please verify this and make any changes.


Step 3:

This step will ask you to verify all information is correct, including the database. If not, please cancel and go back to correct. If all is correct, press continue:


Step 4:

This step will require to enter the information for the new database you created in the Preparation section.
You will need:
1. Database host (typically localhost)
2. Username - Your database username
3. Password - Your database password
4. Database name - You NEW database name
5. Database type - Usually fine to leave at the default
6. Table Prefix - Again, usually fine to leave at the default


Step 5:

In this step you will get confirmation of a successful connection to your new database. If you receive any errors, please go back and recheck all information entered.


Step 6:

You will now see the configuration screen where Loaded 7 is importing the old database into the new. This process is automated, so please do not interrupt the process.


Step 7:

Once the database is converted, you will see all green checks. Please click continue.


Step 8:

The upgrader will now automatically import your product and category images. If you have made changes to the default image locations in your 6.X installation, you may have to copy these manually after the upgrade. Once complete, press continue.


Step 9:

In this step, you will be asked to provide information for your store settings. Enter all required information and press continue.


Step 10:

In this step you will be asked to verify where you have done the upgrade installation. Please verify all the information is correct and make any changes that are necessary. This is where you will access your upgraded store.
If you have an SSL, you can leave the Use SSL box checked. IF YOU DO NOT, uncheck the box.
Click Continue


Step 11:

Your upgrade is complete! You can view your upgraded catalog or log in to the Administration Tool.


When you first log in to your Administration Tool, Loaded 7 will process all of your images. Depending on the number you have, this could take some time.


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